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Pneumatic cylinders – what would suit you the best?

Pneumatic cylinder is a mechanical component which carries out movement using compressed air. Pneumatic cylinder forces gas or air into the cylinder, which helps to move the piston once a certain amount of pressure has been achieved. Piston on the other hand is attached with another mechanism which performs the function of the cylinders.

There are 2 kinds of pneumatic cylinders. One of them is single acting cylinder which has only 1 valve using which air can enter into the cylinder and then it can push the piston in only one direction.

The double acting cylinders always come with more than one air valve. After the air enters the cylinder, it will push the piston in one direction; the air can get out using different valve, which can create vacuum that can pull the piston into complete opposite direction.

When you are buying the cylinder, you must choose the best pneumatic cylinder manufacturers so that you get the best product.

Pneumatic cylinder is also known as Air pneumatic cylinder. Pneumatic cylinder actuator is the best to perform some specific functions.

Though these cylinders are available in a variety of types, it is important that you understand how they function, before you make a choice. The following factors will help you understand how the differently the various types of cylinders function:

Stroke of Cylinder: Stroke is generally given in all applications. You must know stroke amount which would be sufficient for your device. It always depends on your use.

When you are lifting your stop gate, you may require 2-inch motion, but to push off a load from the conveyor will require 30 inches.

There are different types of strokes: intermediate stroke cylinders, short stroke cylinders, specialty stroke ones and long stroke pneumatic cylinder.

Mounting Considerations: For pushing, lifting or pulling along a straight line, you definitely want the cylinder so that it can be rigidly mounted. Whole mounting is available on many short-stroke cylinder models.

Performance – Not all cylinders are meant for all types of work. Some are good for short duration performance while others for long duration. Accordingly, they are classified into:

  1. Single acting pneumatic cylinder: This type of air cylinder is small in size when you compare it to the other types. This type of air cylinder is the best fit for those customers who need little application as it has limited extension as it has small space for compressed air.
  2. Double acting pneumatic cylinder: When any customer is expecting prolonged application, they can consider buying this machine. It generally has two ports that enables it to perform both react and extend stroke.
  3. Multi stage, telescopic cylinder: Telescopic cylinder can be single or double acting. These types of cylinder are associated with piston rod.

Cylinder helps in several ways; it is one of the most important components without which the whole mechanism can be interrupted.

When you choose the cylinder, you must be very careful. You must always check the reviews and also you can do a little bit of research so that you get the best product. You can always call specialists at e-pneumatic and they will tell you which one you need.

You can also verify the cylinder with the engineer so that it works perfectly. The functionality of the product is really crucial as it can abrupt the whole system.